Search Engine Optimization Solutions

The Methods of SEO Have Changed

SEO involves more than just keywords and descriptions. SEO has evolved, and requires brand understanding.

Search Engine Optimization is maybe the most vital element of web development. How can your customers find you if you are invisible or hidden within the crowd? I provide a sound foundation for SEO visibility and then work with you closely to achieve your most important goals.

Quick SEO Facts

Some agencies will tell you that you need to be optimized for the top-ten search engines. That's seven too-many, and seven more than what you should be paying them to optimize. I'll be honest - there are only three search engines that matter. The latest studies show that nearly 70% of web surfers utilize Google as their primary search engine. The majority of the remaining 30% is split between Yahoo and Bing.

SEO has Evolved

Providing relative & updated content is the key to shooting up the ranks. The days of compiling gigantic keyword combos, and leaving it at that is over. Social Media is now a major force in the way Google delegates ranking. Five years from now Facebook will be the leading source of public information (it has already surpassed Google as the most visited site on the web) - the world of SEO has radically evolved over the last few years and will continue to do so.

Optimize & Consult

Clean code, user-friendly navigation, and clear content flow are all requisites of Google's ranking system. To say that SEO is complex is a huge understatement, but I'll do my best to simplify it for you, create a solid foundation, and instruct you on how to gain and maintain page rank.

SEO Marketablility

I make it easy for potential customers within your industry to find both your content and your services (and/or products), but optimization is only half the battle. To make your website complete in your commerce efforts, it must also be marketable and properly funnel traffic that truly matters. With Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies such as pay-per-click advertising, I'll assist you in successfully driving traffic to your website, track your visitors, and convert them into customers.