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  • Inspiration

    I'm inspired by the world around me, but more importantly the people that make up the world around me. While my family and mentors throughout my personal and academic endeavors have inspired me, be...


  • Custom Drop-Down Menu Examples

    Default drop-down menus (select) have no place in modern web design. They're ugly and shameful to any company that is passionate about professionally developing its own brand. Let's check out some ...

  • Unique Ordered & Unordered Lists

    If you're dedicated to your brand, why would you not want to incorporate it at every opportunity? Here's some custom examples of ordered and unordered lists for your CSS inspiration....


  • Semantics Will Save Us All: Part II, HTML Markup

    With any website you develop, rarely should you ever have to use more than a handful of classes and IDs. With HTML5, there is a plethora of useful elements that will satsify your CSS-Design and HTM...