Cabot Cheese – Vermont to Vegas Competitions

Cabot Cheese – Vermont to Vegas Competitions


Probably some of my most favorite projects thus far, have been Cabot's Vegas to (and from) Vermont annual contests. Vegas to Vermont (and Vermont to Vegas) is a huge, 1000+ user contest for super seniors that pits them against one another in a fitness competition. Vegas to Vermont was the second installment of their annual treks.

I developed the contest site which enabled contestants to track their fitness (ranging from weight training to rowing to skiing, etc.) from Las Vegas to Vermont. The fitness system allowed users to keep an advanced log book of their daily activities (fitness activity, time, etc.). I also had the opportunity to build a message board where contestants could - and did - frequent. The message board turned out to be a commonplace for most contests and developed itself into a large social realm for encouragement and interaction.

The site also included different animations which we rewarded at certain intervals as their fitness activities marched them across the USA, as well as an interactive map which tracked their progress.



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