Custom Drop-Down Menu Examples

Custom Drop-Down Menu Examples

Default drop-down menus (select) have no place in modern web design. They're ugly and shameful to any company that is passionate about professionally developing its own brand. Let's check out some websites that do it right.

Electronic Arts


EA incorporates it's drop-down menus with it's box-styled layout in a consistent fashion.

Behance Network


Behance Network, one of the best looking gallery sites on the web, is an excellent example of stylish select drop-downs.


Google has done a superb job in re-designing their online brand and apps. The result: an upper-echelon web design. Unique drop-down menus is just a small piece that makes their revamp so awesome.


The TurnTable design within the "music" area could use some improvement, but the main site is uniquely awesome.

Square Enix


Not the prettiest, but Square-Enix uses plain-box styled drop-downs that fit's their layout.


Showtime utilizes a simple yet sleek drop-down that is individually themed throughout the site depending on what section you're in.

Smart History


Smart History uses a minimalist approach.

Callaway Golf


Callaway (Golf) doesn't have the nicest looking website, but they do utilize a slick drop-down (up, really) menu that was probably ahead of it's time when the site was created.


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