Unique Ordered & Unordered Lists

Unique Ordered & Unordered Lists

If you're dedicated to your brand, why would you not want to incorporate it at every opportunity? Here's some custom examples of ordered and unordered lists for your CSS design inspiration.


EverNote www.evernote.com

A prime example of incorporating your brand into your web design, EverNote is a paradigm for such dedication to their model.

Behance Network

Behance Network www.behance.net

Behance Network recently updated their site and, among many other improvements, uses an array of unique ordered (and unordered) lists.


Dribbble www.dribbble.com

Dribbble's social media links are a great example of superb use of custom list items.

.Net Magazine

.Net Magazine www.netmagazine.com

.Net utilizes circular listed items for its popular articles.


Hyundai www.hyundai.com

Simplistic but effective.

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow www.timtebow.com

Who doesn't love them some Tebow? The dude has a rocket arm, can barrel through defenders, and is a beast of an athlete. To top it off, his website (made by Purple, Rock, Scissors) utilizes subtle double-arrows for list items.

Brand New

Brand New brandnew.coroflot.com

Brand New's site uses a minimalist yet branded approach.


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